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Glassless Mirolege Mirror HD (Silver)

The best seller of Like Mirror panels reflects an optical quality image that is bright, clear and free of distortion. LikeMirror glassless Mirolege panels enhance the interiors permanently or temporarily creating variety of visual effects. The versatility of glassless Mirolege mirror enables it to adapt to creative demands of made to measure sizes, shapes or angles. Light fixtures and air diffusers can be integrated on request.


Available in large size (2 m 80 x 12 m maximum), iLike Mirror panels are available for rent up to 1 month in typical standard sizes, multiplication of 50cm from 1m x 1m up to 2m x 6m.

Two Way Glassless Mirolege Mirror (Scrim)

Scrim glassless Mirolege mirror both reflects and conducts light, which means if a light is shone from a front-of-house position at a glassless scrim, both the scrim and any object behind it will be lit. This can create many special effects and illusions.


Available dimensions with back reinforcement:
Maximum length: 12 m
Maximum width: 2.8m


Available dimensions without back reinforcement :
Maximum length: 2.5m
Maximum width: 2.5 m

Miroir transparent tendu sans tain pour le Théâtre Athenee Copyright © LikeMirror Mirolege
Nuancier de couleurs miroirs tendus légers Copyright © LikeMirror Mirolege

Colour Glassless Mirolege Mirrors

Like Mirror range of 9 colors is available for sale or rent


> See our colour chart


For Gold, Champagne and Black selection :

Maximum length: 6m
Maximum width: 1.5m


For other colors :
Maximum length: 6 m
Maximum width: 1 m

Print on Glassless Mirolege Mirrors

Thanks to Like Mirror manufacturing process, you can print on the Mirolege mirror film any design or pattern. Another option available is to create adhesive sticker and apply it on finished Like Mirror panel.

Plafond tendu miroir couleur or imprimé pour l'hotel Mélia Paris La Défense Copyright © LikeMirror Mirolege
Film holographique ultraclear Like Miror
Film holographique ultraclear Copyright © LikeMirror Mirolege


Like Mirror produces an incredibly realistic image that seems to float in the space- Pepper’s ghost.

An ultra-transparent Mirolege film is placed at 45 degrees angle in the room and a projection of one image or animation on the floor makes appear a reflection on hologram film in the middle of the space.

Optical Glassless Mirolege Mirror (Projection)

Like Mirror designs and manufactures optical glassless Mirolege mirrors allowing the refraction and reflection of an image emitted, for example by a projection device.

Sol miroir tendu HD pour la FashionShow de New York Designed by Bureau Betak ©
Plafond miroir tendu, vieilli Copyright © LikeMirror Mirolege

Distressed/ Antique Glassless Mirolege Mirror

Like Mirror creates vintage patina on Mirolege mirror film by printing age stains and wear effects