Travel back in time and discover the court of Louis XIV to recreate an atmosphere worthy of the famous Hall of Mirrors. Versailles Dark and Versailles Light are two distressed mirror options available in the ANTIQUE Mirror range. These mirrors reproduce the aesthetics of the French and Italian renaissance mirror tradition. Like the latter, its ageing effects tend towards a partial darkening and the appearance of black marks. Versailles Dark offers a look with pronounced black marks.


Versailles Dark and Versailles Light are more or less speckled. Unlike Versailles Dark, Versailles Light is a distressed mirror that is only slightly speckled. The stippling is more subtle and discreet, ideal for suggesting the effect of time without marking the mirror in a fixed period.


Like Mirror Antique imitates the effect of distressed old mercury mirrors. Indeed, this process was used from the 17th century onwards, consisting of a glass plate covered with a tin and lead plate dissolved with mercury, making the mirror very sensitive to humidity. These mirrors show the imprint of time at the edge of the sides and all along the joints. The Antique Like Mirror reproduces these oxidization effects creating dark shapes with grainy shades approaching green, giving the room in which, it is displayed a special historical character.


The Like Mirror Comet mirror reproduces the rusty effect typical for ancient mirrors that have suffered from the ravages of time by staining them. The distressed  Like Mirror is then tinted with shapes ranging from blue to orange and brown. With its colors worthy of the planet Mars, its shapes create a lunar atmosphere with a ground covered with craters caused by falling meteorites. The name of Like Mirror’s Comet mirror was already found!