Acoustic mirror

Acoustic mirror Like Mirror

The Like Mirror acoustic mirror, combined with rock wool, can achieve a sound absorption coefficient of 0.75.


In order to achieve this performance, the mirror does not require micro-perforation and thus retains the quality of reflection.


For an acoustic installation, it is sufficient to place 60 mm – 100 mm of glass wool or rock wool on the ceiling and then install Like Mirror frames at a distance of 20 – 50 cm below.


If you are interested in more information on Like Mirror Acoustic Mirror, download our PV CSTB.

Acoustic mirror frame

Like Mirror combines the advantages of an acoustic mirror frame with the aesthetics of a mirror.


Like Mirror acoustic mirror frame is ideal for any interior.


The Like Mirror Acoustic Mirror frames are mainly used for ceiling installation.


The mirror can enlarge a small room or create a cathedral effect in a large space benefitting from soundproofing

Miroir Acoustique like mirror rendu final .png